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MEROPS family members absent from their corresponding Pfam families

These include many that are laboratory reagents used in the characterization of peptidases, and others that are drugs such as the inhibitors of the retropepsin of the HIV virus. The extent of the overlap between M12A and PF01400 is much larger than that between M12B and PF01400 and that between M12A and PF01421. The summary page for any peptidase with well-characterised specificity now contains a 'logo' that is a diagrammatic representation of the specificity preference in each of the subsites P4 – P4'. COBRA Business Card Designeris great tool for creatingbusiness cards. A table of predicted active-site residue and metal ligand positions and the residue ranges of the peptidase domains in orthologues has been added to each peptidase summary.

Release 8.3 21-December-2008

It is a major challenge to provide proper coverage of this new aspect, and we do not claim to have completed it in one release, but we feel that we have made a useful start. Assess your stock positions (price, daychange, gain, gain%, value, weight%) with one command.

Release 8.00A 14-Feb-2008

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Inhibitor Otherinformation Page created 18-September-2017 © 2017 EBI A proteolytic enzyme breaks down a polypeptide or protein by cleaving peptide bonds. We have decided that the EST analyses have become less useful with the developments in genome sequencing and visualization and localization techniques. So “XYZ protease” will make little sense outside the original species. The first display shows clans and families and the number of sequences in each family for each strain.


This leads to a page on which a species of bacterium or archaean can be selected to show a side-by-side comparison of the peptidases in the various strains. The full list of identifiers that appear for the first time in the present release of MEROPS can be found .

Comparison of peptidase/inhibitor complement between strains of an organism

It has become apparent that the methods used in the past to detect the homologues within a peptidase family had been failing to return all homologues. At present there are only two submission items, both for advising us of any known protein cleavage sites that we are unaware of.

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We have collected over 900 known peptidase–protein inhibitor interactions from the literature. The MEROPS team is part of the group run by Alex Bateman, who took up the position of Head of Protein Sequence Resources at EMBL-EBI in November and took his team with him. These increases reflect the considerable effort being put into sequencing new genomes. The aim of that study was to investigate the similarities and differences between a protein family database based on structural similarity and another based on sequence similarity.